10. Dear Sophie.

Google’s advertising is unreal. I remember the first time I saw the “Dear Sophie” commercial on TV – tears literally sprang to my eyes. (I also cried in the ending of “The Fox and the Hound” though so that’s not saying much.) The ad above is truly inspiring to me and sheds light upon the ad industry as a real storytelling business. Isn’t that what every good ad, brand and campaign tries to do? Tell the story of a product or an idea and hope that people connect with it? Well bravo, Google, because I’ve connected.

In lecture one day we listened to Charlie Robertson of Red Spider talk about emotional connections to brands. Here is what he said word for word:

“Great brands make you feel something. Emotions drive most if not all, of our decisions. A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience. It’s an emotional connecting point that transcends the product.”

Why is it that I downloaded and frequently use Google Chrome? – the reason is still unclear. Whether I was subconsciously persuaded to download Chrome by darling little Sophie or whether it was because I wanted to use TweetDeck on my browser more efficiently, the reason isn’t that important. I use it and I love it and Google’s advertising makes me feel like I’m supporting a brand with a real image and a real story to tell. They make innovative web experiences that aim to connect users to the world around them, and even though Google Plus was a bit of a flop – the idea is there and it’s real. Who knows, maybe it just needs to be played with a little until it’s absolutely perfect and it blows Facebook out of the water and onto the island where Myspace landed. Even until then, I salute and support you, Google. Bombs away.


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