7. Sincerity.

“The fundamental quality of every good ad is sincerity—simple, downright honesty. Next to that comes enthusiasm, the quality that makes truth glow and shine.” –  Professor W.F.G. Thacher

Whilst perusing the journalism school website for a project last winter quarter, I came upon this magical place where you can learn all about the history of the wonderful J school. Here I learned about Professor W.F.G. Thacher, one of the original journalism and advertising professors. He said that great quote above one time, and it got written down, and then it got saved and eventually posted on this random corner of the website, where I found it and reflected on it and decided I liked it enough to blog about it. So here it goes.

When it comes down to it, advertising can (and should) be so simple. Consumers are just human beings with emotions and needs and instincts and just about any visual image or audio stimulation can set them off and make them either connect with a brand or hate it. What is needed for that connection? Trust. Just like any human relationship, all a brand relationship needs is trust. Trust comes from consistency and playfulness, it comes from durability, and it comes from truth.

Funny that this quote sounds so much like one my dad has always said about the work he does. He’s always told me that I should make work that is honest, real and focused (and fun helps). Maybe he’s the modern day W.F.G. Thacher reincarnated, or maybe he’s just my dad and is a real fun, motivated and outgoing ad guy who’s been in the business since the stone age. Whatever it is, they both have the right idea.


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