6. You go, Katy Perry.

I’m not usually a fan of Katy Perry but I have to say that this music video for “Wide Awake” is innovative to say the least. Not only has Facebook’s new “timeline” profile approach received much debate (mostly negative), but many have not embraced it’s wonderful capabilities to tell a story. In J456 Creative Strategies, the main thing we learn is that all journalism is, is telling stories. PR tells stories about companies, newpapers and magazines tell stories about people, places and events, and advertising tells stories about brands and ideas.

Music videos do this too – they tell stories about musicians. And very few videos rival this one in telling the story of Katy Perry’s ascension to stardom. As the lyrics progress up her page, we view real posts on her timeline of her albums being released and various videos and posts appearing. The video is visually appealing, the song is not HORRIBLE, and the idea is absolutely fabulous and incredibly innovative.


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