19. The WWF as an advertising model.

This is my favorite advertisement, ever, in the history of advertising:

Obviously I am environmentally biased, but the WWF is an amazing organization with amazing advertising (I’ll post another awesome ad at the end of this blurb of writing.) All I have to say is everyone should be inspired by the WWF to get out there and make a difference in some way, shape, or form with their work. Advertising has the tendency to be extremely materialistic and enforcing of a capitalist society revolved around market competition and wealth. With ads like this, however, my hope for advertising is renewed. This ad is smart and beautiful and simple in it’s honesty. Haunting images and not a drop of text or dialogue… hard to execute but they’ve done it.

After watching this… I feel as though no one can disagree that everything in this world is connected. Humans, animals, and the environment they call home all depend on everyday interactions and choices in order to survive. I can only hope to come close to making an ad this powerful in my lifetime.

Here’s another great one for your viewing pleasure. Get inspired.


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