14. Branding in the music industry.

I believe that branding is present in almost every aspect of life. Whether it’s an advertisement, a person, or artwork, everything represents something larger than itself and these things create relationships with those who experience them. A prime example of this is the music industry – one that has roots in the arts and takes that to the extreme with the idea of band branding and album/poster artwork.

Let’s take Miike Snow for example. This is an awesome group with an awesome image. If you haven’t already, check out their music:

And website:


Aaaand here is their main symbol, the Jackalope:

Now what does it all mean? What is this mythical Jackalope? Turns out it was designed by a tattoo artist without her knowing that it was already a mythical creature from North American folklore. The band now uses it as their avatar. Besides its awesomely simple design, the Jackalope, to me, also says that this band is different, fun, and willing to be creative. They don’t take themselves too seriously. It also seems as though they value their music more than the idea of a “band,” otherwise they would use pictures of themselves on their album. They use a design of a mythical animal (with a reputation as a “fearssome critter”) that is organic, natural, and shows they are connected with the world around them. I’d be interested to hear what other people felt about it though.

Good news is, my suspicions were confirmed in this interview. Gotta love Miike Snow.


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