First day of NORTH.

Today I started my internship at North advertising agency in downtown Portland. Not only will this be one of my first “adult” work experiences, it will also force me to finally learn my way around the city of Portland – a city I have been claiming to be from since I started college and realized no one knew or liked my actual hometown of Lake Oswego.

When I first arrived, I was bombarded by a horde of canines. Thankfully I am an extreme animal person and dog-lover, meaning this was the perfect welcome to my new job. I have since decided that in order to make it in advertising, one must love dogs.

Next I was shown to a desk space complete with a computer, a lamp and my own jar of pens (!!!!). Here is the letter that awaited me:

I knew instantly I would like it here because of the excessive amounts of exclamation marks used in the letter.

And so began my summer advertising adventure, where I hope to soak up as much creativity and resourcefulness and knowledge as I can to help me my senior year of college and beyond.


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