2. Less talking, more doing.

I realized a while ago that if I was going to go into advertising, I wanted to make a difference in a big way. There’s no way I could go into the industry and write jingles about toilet paper or babble on about McDonald’s new dollar menu items. These things just seem too materialistic – too disconnected from the truths in life. When I go into the journalism world, I want to make a difference in areas that matter to me and matter to others, with the ultimate goal of making a positive change in the world around me. I need to work for an agency and for companies with good CSRs.

I have always been passionate about the environment. I practically grew up outside – and when I wasn’t digging in the dirt or making perfumes from flowers I was watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel – eagerly soaking up every drop of information about nature and the natural world around me. Naturally, I have not strayed far from these interests now that I am in college. As of sophomore year I knew I wanted to at least minor in Environmental Studies; the classes were thrilling and relevant and opened my eyes to a world that was so much bigger than my immediate bubble.

And what better idea than to connect my two passions? I love writing, people and the environment – somehow, through adveritisng or PR, I hope to connect the two. That was why I was so enthralled with Deb’s mentioning of EnviroMedia, a social marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas with one main goal: to make meaningful work for deserving companies and organizations. They help businesses “go green” with advertising and PR campaigns, they raise awareness about the harms of smoking, and they even offer PSAs about getting flu shots. They have partnered with energy companies and public health organizations alike, all with the aim of influencing public opinion to benefit mankind and the environment.

This is somewhere I can really see myself fitting in. And with a motto like “Less talking, more doing,” why would I not want to be a part of this fantastic community?


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