24. Lessons from Dad (post-lecture).

My dad has always been an inspiration to me. He is hard-working, kind, intelligent, outgoing, charismatic, funny… everything I aspire to be and so, so much more. His lecture exceeded my expectations and offered so much wisdom for young people to follow… I’ll summarize some of his points now.

1. Work comes first, client comes second, you come third.

2. Dan Wieden doesn’t worry if he’s going to succeed or not. Bad clients want bad work.

3. Make work that is honest, real, and focused (fun helps).

4. Strategy is execution.

5. What would Dan Wieden wear?

6. How to break into the biz: Build your resume (make yourself unique), connections, luck, interview and be prepared and be special, use your Internet/technology advantage, take whatever job is offered to get in the door, get in a name agency and/or on a name brand ASAP and work your butt off.

Thanks for everything, Dad.


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