23. Here’s a pitch for you, Nike.

I figured since I live in the Nike capital of the world I owe it to them to write one blog about them. I’m usually not a fan of over-hyping Nike – don’t get me wrong, they do great work – but sometimes it’s a bit much. There are a ton of other awesome brands and campaigns out there that deserve the spotlight every now and then. But Nike, here’s yours for now.

Here’s my idea: Bring back the old commercials. Maybe for an upcoming anniversary campaign. But they are awesome and their awesomeness needs to be acknowledged and glorified.

Here’s what I love about this commercial: it shows that Nike’s core values and advertising style really haven’t changed much over the years. Some may say they’re stuck in the past, but you know what they say, “if the shoe fits…” (Literally… haha.) Anyways, this commercial shows some of the same characteristics their commercials today do. Quick cuts, fun and inspiring music, images of athletes performing, and no text. This is what Nike really is. Nike keeps it real and keeps it simple with their general manifesto that everyone has a body and everyone is an athlete.

Bring back the oldies, Nike.


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