9. What the future holds.

As of late I have found myself wondering what I want to do with my life. Coming from a long line of journalists with a dad in the advertising industry for 30+ years and a mom who has dabbled in advertising, PR and newspaper reporting for our local paper, I somehow knew I was destined to end up in the wonderful profession of journalism. Over the years I realized I was really good at two things: writing and making friends. (There were some other skills thrown in there too, like using scissors, which my preschool teacher commended me for at the age of 4.) With those skills, I knew that journalism was where I wanted to be.

I started college at USC as a Broadcast Journalism major then transferred and switched majors when I realized I hate talking in front of people and cameras. At Oregon I was now a Public Relations major, which was great because it involved writing and people it sounded like a cool title to have. However I decided to take on an Environmental Studies minor when I promptly realized that I needed more out of my educational experience (and also at the insistence of my mom, who is a very persuasive person and was going through a phase where she wanted me to become an environmental lawyer.) I love the environment and everything about it, and I love learning about it. With Public Relations and Environmental Studies degrees under my belt, what was stopping me from saving the world?

Advertising was really an afterthought. I realized I would have to graduate a term or two early unless I decided to double-emphasize, so the obvious choice was advertising. I’ve grown up listening to my dad say that word and others associated with it and decided I must have some sort of advertising gene that would enable me to pick it up really quickly. I thought that I might even like it.

And now here I am, nearing the end of my junior year at the wonderful U of O. I am working towards my B.A. in Journalism and Communications with a double emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Environmental Studies.

The cool thing is, I’m unbelievably happy with where I’m at. I love knowing two sides of journalism. On one hand we have Public Relations, which is admittedly rather cut and dry, but teaches me invaluable writing and people skills as well as teaching me how to deal with company crises and how to represent companies and brands and people well. On the other side we have advertising, which is fun, creative and inspiring in all aspects of my life. Throw in a little environmental awareness in there and I know I’d be ecstatic to someday do PR or advertising for an environmentally savvy brand or company with a fun atmosphere and a great set of core values. I’ll set my sights high at WWF or National Geographic, and who knows… you may just see me out there some day inspiring people to save the planet or simply to look around them a bit more. Call me crazy but, I feel inspired to make a difference.


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