15. Where creativity comes from.

Before you read this post, listen to this quick NPR radio chat with Jonah Lehrer, a writer specializing in neuroscience and author of Imagine: How Creativity Works. He talks about powerhouses such as Dan Wieden and Steve Jobs and how they found inspiration and creativity.


Simply wow. So informative and so inspiring.

Dan Wieden coined “Just Do It” from a novel about mass murderer Gary Gilmore? Can you get more creative than that?

And the very fact that Steve Jobs only had to knock down some walls and force people into one bathroom to aid the (at the time) small film producer Pixar into becoming the bohemiath it is today. Steve Jobs talked about how the very layout of building could foster creativity – “human friction makes the sparks.”

“The original design for the Pixar studios consisted of three separate buildings, where they’d put the computer scientists in one building, and the animators in a second building and the third building would contain everybody else: the directors, the editors and so on. Steve realized that that was a terrible idea; that the real challenge of Pixar was getting people from these different cultures — these computer scientists and these cartoonists — to work together, to really collaborate. And so he insisted that Pixar studios just be one vast, cavernous space.”

Being resourceful and collaborative is where real creativity and where real brands come from – collaboration of the ad team and the product and collaboration between the audience and the brand personality to create a real brand experience.


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