5. The Wilderness Downtown.

It’s really amazing what technology can do these days. We have cars that connect to our phones, touch screens that take interaction to a whole new level, and now there is even an interactive music video that uses Google Maps information to put you in the middle of your own town while listening to some music by Arcade Fire. Check out this experiment called “The Wilderness Downtown” by Chris Milk:


This music experiment could mean a world of change to the advertising world. Can you imagine ads that put viewers in the middle of a familiar place in order to connect them with their product better? Or how about Milk’s innovative use of the Google Chrome browser – the video simultaneously opens and closes as many as 4 browser windows in strategically placed locations around your screen. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how it all works from the back end of things… sounds like a lot of HTML and one large headache for me. Instead, I will sit back and revel in the creative genius that is The Wilderness Downtown. How’s that for some inspiration?


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