4. “Art & Copy” trailer.

It’s so inspiring to see the advertising business get so much attention. A documentary all about the business? What could be better! Now I just have to find it and watch the whole thing… but here are a couple of ideas from the trailer I would like to comment on:

1. “Advertising makes food taste better, it makes cars run better… it changes the perception of everything.” – This is an incredible line, if you really think about it. The power of an advertisement impacts an incredible amount of people, for better or for worse. The fact that the industry can tell people how to feel or what they “need” in their lives is a very scary fact but also one that holds so much promise. If companies can just move past the food tasting better and cars running better and into non-materialistic messages, the amount of good that would happen is incredible. The idea of changing people’s perceptions about the world around them is a powerful statement, and one that is incredibly true.

2. “You can speak honestly and use this profession to do that.” – Advertising truly is not an industry for the faint of heart. Clients and ads and the people creating them all tend to be biased, but behind the bias is a strong opinion. Advertising is all about making people believe that opinion or at least understand it. Speaking honestly is such a huge part of my set of morals that I find it exciting and invigorating that I would get to make it part of my career. Good advertising is clean and it’s honest – it’s as simple as that.

3. “Creativity can solve anything. Anything!” – Need I say more?


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