Dave Allen’s Digital Strategy class summed up in doodles.

This winter term I took an advertising class called J460: Digital and Social Branding. It was taught by Dave Allen, a digital guru who currently works at NORTH brand agency in Portland. (You can read his blogs here!) For our final project in the class we have been assigned to write an essay or complete some other sort of creative project that demonstrates the breadth of knowledge we gained from the class. I have decided to write a blog post – a digital essay, of sorts – because it is fitting for a class based entirely around digital strategy and adapting to the ever-changing world of technology. This blog post will revolve around the doodles I drew during the class lectures.


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Public relations blogging.

Hi, blog readers!

I am planning to begin using this blog to write posts for my public relations class, J452 Strategic Public Relations Communication with Tiffany Gallicano (read her blog here.) It seems like a wonderful class so far, and I have no doubt it will prepare me for life after college in the advertising and PR world. Stay tuned for posts about PR, advertising, communications and everything in between. Thanks for reading!

25. Words to live by.

“Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs.”

I don’t know where or when I first read those words, but they held true. Everything I aspire to be in life is exemplified by them. In an earlier post I described what I wanted out of my future. This quote defines it.

I truly love journalism and everything about it – I love writing and I love people and I love being creative. I love the people in the business and I love the endless possibilities and the huge audiences you have the potential to reach with your work.

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11. U of O branding.

We talked earlier this quarter about using a word list to describe a brand. This strategy can also be applicable to a school such as the great U of O. Here is my own list of  words and short descriptions that I think best fit the Oregon brand.

The University of Oregon…

1. Wins (football… need I say more?)

2. Prepares (vs. educates)

3. Inspires (look around you)

4. Evolves (ever-changing)

5. Motivates (positivity abound)

6. Creates (professionals, people, leaders)

7. Innovates (great people + great ideas = real change)

8. Recycles (sustainability capital)

9. Quacks (go ducks)

10. Explores (your future is in your hands. explore it)

7. Sincerity.

“The fundamental quality of every good ad is sincerity—simple, downright honesty. Next to that comes enthusiasm, the quality that makes truth glow and shine.” –  Professor W.F.G. Thacher

Whilst perusing the journalism school website for a project last winter quarter, I came upon this magical place where you can learn all about the history of the wonderful J school. Here I learned about Professor W.F.G. Thacher, one of the original journalism and advertising professors. He said that great quote above one time, and it got written down, and then it got saved and eventually posted on this random corner of the website, where I found it and reflected on it and decided I liked it enough to blog about it. So here it goes.

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