Dave Allen’s Digital Strategy class summed up in doodles.

This winter term I took an advertising class called J460: Digital and Social Branding. It was taught by Dave Allen, a digital guru who currently works at NORTH brand agency in Portland. (You can read his blogs here!) For our final project in the class we have been assigned to write an essay or complete some other sort of creative project that demonstrates the breadth of knowledge we gained from the class. I have decided to write a blog post – a digital essay, of sorts – because it is fitting for a class based entirely around digital strategy and adapting to the ever-changing world of technology. This blog post will revolve around the doodles I drew during the class lectures.


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End of week one.

Well, I made it through my first week in the Portland advertising industry. Logged 36.5 hours without even working much on Monday. Here are some updates:

1. I’ve memorized all of the dogs names (Jack, Sammy, Romy, Moby, Twyla, George, Poncho) and a few of the people’s names. I have found that it’s easier to remember a person’s name if they bring their dog to work – why? Who knows. Maybe someday I’ll write a thesis on it.

2. I’ve realized I love working in a small agency so far because I get to touch all of the accounts. This week alone I’ve done work for Keen, Deschutes Brewery, Clif Bar, Zuke’s Dog Treats, Pacific Natural Foods and the Portland Downtown Marketing Initiative.

3. I think the advertising industry is the place for me. All of the people are so creative and full of life, and at an agency like North they seem extremely close to each other and to their clients.

I’m so excited to continue my career in the industry. Look out world.

First day of NORTH.

Today I started my internship at North advertising agency in downtown Portland. Not only will this be one of my first “adult” work experiences, it will also force me to finally learn my way around the city of Portland – a city I have been claiming to be from since I started college and realized no one knew or liked my actual hometown of Lake Oswego.

When I first arrived, I was bombarded by a horde of canines. Thankfully I am an extreme animal person and dog-lover, meaning this was the perfect welcome to my new job. I have since decided that in order to make it in advertising, one must love dogs.

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13. Work with purpose.

I have recently confirmed that I will be working at North advertising agency in Portland this summer. I literally could not be more excited to experience the industry first hand. North holds accounts like Keen footwear, Pacific Natural Foods, Clif Bar, Yakima, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Deschutes Brewery, Subaru and Umpqua Bank. They are are a small, radical and creative agency that creates honest, real and fun work. The atmosphere is awesome – the office has an open-dog policy so at any given time there can be roughly 2-7 canines running wild around the office space. And with regards to their agency motto… Could you make a better one? I strive to achieve these things every day of my life, and to think that I have the chance to work with an agency that holds the same core values that I do is incredible. Not many people get to experience something like this; I count myself very lucky. I am so excited to grow and to learn and to meet new people and experience the iceberg of an industry that I’ve only reached the tip of.

Stay posted on my blog this summer to read about my life as a working ad girl.