Storytelling as a form of social good.

If done right, storytelling is public education that has the power to change societies. – Jordan Bryon


Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

I recently read an article posted on one of my favorite websites, It talked about the ethics of telling other people’s stories. The original storytellers can possibly benefit from the spread of their message, but can benefit more from some spare change.

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1. We are what we see.

I would like to consider myself a world traveler. And only being three land masses short of the 7-continent claim, I would also like to say I am close to achieving my traveling objective. In the summer of 2011 I spent some time in Accra, Ghana and in Ecuador – hitting up both Quito and the prestigious Galapagos Islands. Previously I have lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and have traveled extensively throughout Europe. Ask me my favorite place in the world and I would answer Mykonos, Greece. Ask me where I’d like to go next and I would reply Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And if you were to ask me if I’ve snorkeled with penguins, I just might say: “Yes, yes I have.”

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