Tillamook Cheese presentation.

Earlier this quarter we were assigned to conduct a social media audit and conversation analysis for a brand of our choice. Naturally, my group and I decided to choose Tillamook Cheese, based on the fact that we are all generally interested in consumer goods PR and wanted to help out a local brand. It just so happens that my dad, John Russell, is the Senior Director of Marketing for Tillamook, and I have worked with the marketing team before on some freelance projects. These connections allowed us to work directly with Tillamook to determine what they would find the most helpful regarding their social media practices. Gillian Kennedy, Tillamook’s Internet Communications Manager, pointed us primarily in the direction of Pinterest and Instagram, since they are the newest social media channels that brands are utilizing. We analyzed those two channels plus Twitter and Facebook to give us an idea of Tillamook’s overall brand appearance across different social media platforms.


Tillamook’s marketing team.

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18. Texting as personal branding.

No media in this post but I’d like to take a second to talk about emoticons. Silly, maybe, but I’ve been thinking about their use and value in texting.

Today’s communication methods are changing faster than ever before. Humans used to have 100% face-to-face communication, which, over the years, turned into writing letters and reading books then using electricity to transmit messages over the telegraph, to the telephone, to radio and TV, then eventually to the internet and mobile phones. It would be interesting to conduct a study to see how much of my daily communication is actually face-to-face now; I’d probably make an argument that around 40% of my communication is via the Internet or texting now.

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