Dave Allen’s Digital Strategy class summed up in doodles.

This winter term I took an advertising class called J460: Digital and Social Branding. It was taught by Dave Allen, a digital guru who currently works at NORTH brand agency in Portland. (You can read his blogs here!) For our final project in the class we have been assigned to write an essay or complete some other sort of creative project that demonstrates the breadth of knowledge we gained from the class. I have decided to write a blog post – a digital essay, of sorts – because it is fitting for a class based entirely around digital strategy and adapting to the ever-changing world of technology. This blog post will revolve around the doodles I drew during the class lectures.


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16. How to create good blog content.

I recently read this article on how to better improve your blog. The author compares blogs to a good mixed tape, which all of us can relate to. Really, who can tell me they haven’t made a CD or two for their friends or for themselves to jam to in the car? Everyone knows mixed tapes/CDs need to have good chemistry, flow, and sound but it’s innovative to relate them to blogs. To put it simply: “The creative work of others can be re-mixed in a way that has it’s own, new message.” Here’s a summary.

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