End of week one.

Well, I made it through my first week in the Portland advertising industry. Logged 36.5 hours without even working much on Monday. Here are some updates:

1. I’ve memorized all of the dogs names (Jack, Sammy, Romy, Moby, Twyla, George, Poncho) and a few of the people’s names. I have found that it’s easier to remember a person’s name if they bring their dog to work – why? Who knows. Maybe someday I’ll write a thesis on it.

2. I’ve realized I love working in a small agency so far because I get to touch all of the accounts. This week alone I’ve done work for Keen, Deschutes Brewery, Clif Bar, Zuke’s Dog Treats, Pacific Natural Foods and the Portland Downtown Marketing Initiative.

3. I think the advertising industry is the place for me. All of the people are so creative and full of life, and at an agency like North they seem extremely close to each other and to their clients.

I’m so excited to continue my career in the industry. Look out world.


First day of NORTH.

Today I started my internship at North advertising agency in downtown Portland. Not only will this be one of my first “adult” work experiences, it will also force me to finally learn my way around the city of Portland – a city I have been claiming to be from since I started college and realized no one knew or liked my actual hometown of Lake Oswego.

When I first arrived, I was bombarded by a horde of canines. Thankfully I am an extreme animal person and dog-lover, meaning this was the perfect welcome to my new job. I have since decided that in order to make it in advertising, one must love dogs.

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25. Words to live by.

“Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs.”

I don’t know where or when I first read those words, but they held true. Everything I aspire to be in life is exemplified by them. In an earlier post I described what I wanted out of my future. This quote defines it.

I truly love journalism and everything about it – I love writing and I love people and I love being creative. I love the people in the business and I love the endless possibilities and the huge audiences you have the potential to reach with your work.

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24. Lessons from Dad (post-lecture).

My dad has always been an inspiration to me. He is hard-working, kind, intelligent, outgoing, charismatic, funny… everything I aspire to be and so, so much more. His lecture exceeded my expectations and offered so much wisdom for young people to follow… I’ll summarize some of his points now.

1. Work comes first, client comes second, you come third.

2. Dan Wieden doesn’t worry if he’s going to succeed or not. Bad clients want bad work.

3. Make work that is honest, real, and focused (fun helps).

4. Strategy is execution.

5. What would Dan Wieden wear?

6. How to break into the biz: Build your resume (make yourself unique), connections, luck, interview and be prepared and be special, use your Internet/technology advantage, take whatever job is offered to get in the door, get in a name agency and/or on a name brand ASAP and work your butt off.

Thanks for everything, Dad.

23. Here’s a pitch for you, Nike.

I figured since I live in the Nike capital of the world I owe it to them to write one blog about them. I’m usually not a fan of over-hyping Nike – don’t get me wrong, they do great work – but sometimes it’s a bit much. There are a ton of other awesome brands and campaigns out there that deserve the spotlight every now and then. But Nike, here’s yours for now.

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22. Discover.

I have a passionate love affair with the Discovery Channel. When I was younger I was glued to the screen for hours watching nature show after nature show and soaking up as much information as possible. Its shows are innovative and wild and natural and inspiring. Now that I’m older, I am enthralled by the Planet Earth Series. Beautiful videography, inspiring lessons, breath-taking locations… what more could I want?

Then I got to thinking… how awesome is the name DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Whoever created that name and logo was a creative genius. The branding is perfect: who wouldn’t want to discover the world around them? And every single one of their shows of the past and of late stays true to this theme and to this brand. Even the simple image of planet Earth inspires people to get out there and explore and ask questions.

It’s all in a name.

21. The age of YouTube.

YouTube is an extremely interesting subject to discuss. Never before in the short history of recorded video has video sharing been so easy and so accessible to a huge audience. YouTube makes advertising timeless and easy to interact with, it makes music accessible, it makes DIY lessons attainable, and it makes everyday people stars.

Take for example, Lizzy Land. A wonderful person who attended my high school, Lakeridge, and is now trying to make it out there in the big, scary world as a vocal artist. Her voice is beautiful, timeless, and unique – the perfect combination to succeed, right? Not right. Being “discovered” is the hardest part about breaking into the music industry, something that YouTube has both helped and hindered. On one hand, your face and voice are now accessible to millions of people around the world, and if people like you, they’ll share you, and that’s how good people get discovered. On the other hand… there are thousands of people trying to do the same thing.

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